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ISBN 13: 9780791088418

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1. José Martí (Cuba, 1853-1895)

Series: Great Hispanic Heritage; Library Binding: pages; Publisher: Chelsea House Publications; Library Binding edition (November 1, ); Language. Jose Marti (The Great Hispanic Heritage) - Kindle edition by Jon Sterngass. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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He grumbled that big business did not allow honest people to serve the country in elected office. El Descubrimiento de los Hispanos Blancos He loved Latin America but complained that petty interests prevented the socalled sister-republics from acting cooperatively. Click For More Features. The nation that sells, serves. An industrializing country would need a source of raw materials. Latino, long centered on Mexican-Americans and Puerto Ricans.

About the Author s Jon Sterngass is a freelance writer and former visiting assistant professor at Union College. Throughout his life, Marti never lost sight of his ultimate passion: promoting Cuban independence.

In doing so, he would take on various roles, including teacher, diplomat and poet. The prize was instituted in Marti first arrived in New York in , fleeing Spanish authorities, and while there remained an active advocate for Cuban independence.

2. Julia de Burgos (Puerto Rico, 1914-1953)

The statue, which stands in Central Park, is captured in this set of Flickr photos. His writings succeed in showing the diplomatic, political and economic manoeuvres of the inventors of Pan Americanism — an instrument of the groups of power in the United States of America — in the construction of that country as a world power.

Remembering Jose Marti and Cuba's independence 1902 with Jorge Ponce

Possessing a vast culture and enormous creative talent, he produced during his short life of unusual intensity, a written corpus in prose and verse that formed one of the most powerful foundations of modern literature in the Spanish language. Like Charles Baudelaire, Arthur Rimbaud or Walt Whitman in their respective tongues, he was one of the fathers of literary modernity in the Spanish-speaking world.

Happy Birthday, José Marti, Cuban Poet and Revolutionary

He was compared with Victor Hugo. He undertook a renewal of the Spanish language and applied with originality to his prose and poetry, techniques that were similar to those used by Parnassians and symbolists. His language, syntax and use of adjectives showed a radical novelty, and he put in practice modern poetical resources such as synesthetic metaphors, poetical enumerations, binary structures, free verse and rupture of systems.